Tales from Norvegr

A sapphic Viking Historical Romance series.

Fierce warriors, men and women, forged the foundations of what would become known as the Viking Era. They didn't just pillage and slaughter their foes. They were explorers, farmers, shipbuilders, and traders, who honored their gods and loved their families. These are their stories.

#1 New Release in Amazon's Viking Historical Romance category 9/2022


Lessons in Murder Series

Can a tough cop and a tender teacher take a stab at romance with a killer on the loose?


While slammed by trying cases, does Jenna’s budding romance with Randi stand a fighting chance?

There were fifty million motives for Lockwood’s murder, but will his widow’s flirtations throw Detective Ferrari off her game and get her killed?

It’s all hands on deck when a young woman is found murdered in the park, but will a surprise visit from Jenna’s ex, a spunky naval officer, set off flares for her relationship with Randi?

When the symphony director drops dead during a concert, Jenna Ferrari is called in to investigate. The deeper her team digs, the more disturbing direction the case takes.

Jenna needs Randi's help to solve a murder that mirrors a serial killer's from years ago. The convicted psychopath died in prison, so who had taken up his murderous streak and why?

When tough cop Jenna Ferrari’s brother is accused of murder, she must face a troubled past to clear him. But with the evidence stacked against him, does she stand a fighting chance?

Jenna and her team move into action when a drag queen is murdered backstage during a performance. Was it a hateful anti-LGBTQ protester, a homophobic pastor, the victim's ex, or someone nobody suspects?

Jenna is ready to propose to Randi, but when a dying mother asks her to investigate her daughter's unsolved murder, she can't refuse. Will buried concerns unearthed by the investigation give Jenna cold feet?

Jenna is busy making wedding plans with Randi and doesn't need to be bothered by a psychic who predicts her own murder. But when a real attempt is made on the woman’s life, she’s hot on the case. Can Jenna and her team catch the would-be killer in time, or is the clairvoyant destined to die?

The Wellington Mysteries

Victorian London comes alive with its own lesbian Sherlock Holmes

Solving mysteries is her passion; finding love is her dream. Will combining the two get her killed?.


Stetson defies convention, solves mysteries, and has won a musician’s heart, but will confronting lethal foes destroy it all?

While Jack the Ripper terrorizes London, Stetson closes in on an illusive art thief. Will catching him threaten her secret identity?

Can a budding clerk cut it as a private investigator, or will she lose both her chance at love and her life in the pursuit?

The Night Flyer Series

Three powerful merchants, two independent women in love, one masked vigilante.

Florentina must continue in her role as the Night Flyer to protect Maddie, but who is trying to kill her and why?

One woman stands between order and chaos - the Night Flyer. Winner of the Lesfic Bard Award 2020

    Vanishing thieves, disappearing athletes, and an inventor who is nowhere to be found; can the Night Flyer solve a mystery that seems impossible?

The Night Flyer engages in a final showdown with the leader of the Shadow Guild, but will she survive the encounter?

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